Ramifications of an elated mind

Well, any one who has read the first heading would be quick enough to relate it to my acquaintance with The Barrons! ūüėÄ

I am happy not only because i did not listen to my friend who wanted me to go against my intuition of going against my intuition while guessing answers (and boy it did help me!) but also for the fact that i waded through strenuous waters of the Revised GRE exam and came out victorious ( the final score was a bit exaggerating though ūüėÄ ). Let me share ¬†a few observations with you for today…

The happiest person to get onto a metro is the one who has no intention of catching a seat. Once i got in, I couldn’t help but notice an atrociously dressed giman ( i put the lady some where between a girl and a woman)¬†¬†and the reactions she elicited. It was funny how the men in the compartment looked at her all the while when she was sitting, and the women in the compartment who were, until that moment oblivious of her¬†existence (or they acted that way)¬†immediately¬†drew their gaze upon her as she left the train. It was as if in that moment alone, a hundred eyes were fixated on her apparel, a few cursing, a few even worse…Well that observation might evoke some insight into innate human nature of males and females or like many other observations might be inconsequential. Another observation i was bound to make was ¬†the huge increase in people who hold their mobile phones and wave them out in random directions, like young Luke trying to maraud Lord Vader with his puny light sabre, well apparently they were just playing motion sensitive games on their android devices… So there’s definitely a good number ¬†of gaming freaks who’d try out any game u’d create… So gear up game makers..may the force be with you!! (\m/)..Well thats all for now..


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