Street Foortball, Ak Qt we 4 – they 3

A furious game, which saw no goals for most of the game but the difference in quality eventually told as we held out 3-4 against them! Great game for the neutral , disappointing for Raki though!

Player Ratings –


Rv -Vyas – Pulled a few decent saves, then was replaced, was not resp for any of their goals – 7.5

Sa – Had a good game with us and even better one with them – 7

Sh – Had a better day than many could recollect, spread the ball whenever/ werever/ however he got it – 7

Dc – Played his backHeel to great effect wen he setup Vikki for our first, played well in defense along with me and went forward well – 8.25

Me – Returning from injury, had a decent game, tried a few, missed a few, was pretty much solid though, attacked some times, defended sometimes,(stayed still some times), pulled down twice by Rao – 7.5

*Vik – As usual, was at his peak, smooth touches, shadow runs, neat finishing, moved into defense for sometime, but as lights got dark, he became more lethal with the leveling n winning Goals 3 Goals, 1 Assist – Top of the Match – 9.5

Ps – Not on the scoreCard, but great attempts, always lively on our left wing , provided great support to Vik and later Venki, not his best game but great one none the less – 8.5

Kanta – Played powerfully in our defense, aroused Raki for a few wrong reasons 😀 – 7

Venki – Fit in effortlessly in his wing position, combined well with Vikki and pilli to make a 3 man attack, wonderful finish for our second goal – 8.5


Kt – Prevented Vikas nd Saketh on many a occasions, best of all a 180deg Split save – 8

Bu – His “shorts” seemed to have distracted Pilli on a few occasions, was solid – 7

Vr – The natural striker started of as a CB ,  played in all possible positions, decently – 7

Public – Had a good game until he folded his foot, no literally, later showed good vision to try and set up a ball for the rushing Sara, overall, a good game..2 weeks Dhoola Deerutundi le – 8

Palu – Was played in first CF, then CB, couldn’t get his usual rhythm goin until a great 1st goal,played a few good passes later on – 8.25

Raki – Dribbled, ran, screamed, pushed, kicked,  **&&&###ed, finally scored a blinder b4  shoutin – Fuckoff BOAS!!!, the second goal how ever was much more believable, good finishing, thought he had won it for his team before late Vikas Blitz, overall nice play down the wing, Good game – 8.5

Sara – Fast as an eagle, solid as rock, accurate as arrow, none of those describe his play, but had a great game, set up a goal, showed good pace playing on the wing, stealing the ball on occasions, played in the center, defense, everywhere with good contribution, accused Raki of wasting world class through balls! 😀 – 8.5

Sacha – Swapped into their team and put a good performance at the back, driving forward at times  – 7


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