Split loyalties – or is it?

2’O clock in the morning, weird occurrences in a usually calm wing …running, howling, curses…someone would have thought that there was a fire in the hostel, but knowing my wingies and my hostel pretty well, I knew it could have only been Torres scoring or Xavi dying or both! 😀 Later, however they enlightened me that they were playing hide n seek, dumb charades and random games to see out the power cut. A lot of power cuts in recent times. Morning, noon, night; people are seriously freaking out with these damn power cuts. C’mon, who in his sane mind would play hide n seek at 2 in the morning! Today’s cut drove me to IPC and as I was there, I decided to download Nvidia drivers for my comp. This brings me to the crux of the post… Y did I need them? My comp seldom gives me troubles, especially with games but strangely enough PES 2012 doesn’t seem to work with it hence, a switch back to Fifa was on the cards. A re-confrontation after six long years!

I don’t know how Cesc felt leaving Arsenal for Barca, but after such a long connection with PES, I was really reluctant to go back. What if someone challenges me in FIFA online and beats me 8-2? What if Sairam beats me? :O That would be unthinkable! But as time passed, I began to recollect all the glorious summers I spent beating the hell out of Barca with Madrid in FIFA 05! And now-a-days PES seems to have taken the dark path that FIFA fell into…unnecessary modifications, derailing from the original game play and crap. So, I finally decided to try it. Downloaded, installed, cracked and launched first play…wtf…y is everything in 3D? Rooney kicked the ball into my face! :O Turns out that I had my stereoscopic graphic settings on –hence every game projects out as a 3D game… Nvidia rocks \m/ \m/. Okay, second run, everything set and then…to the shock of my day…This is just like PES 2004! My favourite version ever! (Those days it was called, World Soccer Winning Eleven 8). Right from the horizontal menu layout to the customizable player positioning and attack directions, everything seems ditto. EA promises the best and newest soccer experience and what does it come up with? A remake of PES in which Nasri is 23 yrs old and plays for ManC. PES and FIFA seem to be converging into some dark … dark…err something like the dark side of the sith crap. Anyways, bottom line, though guilty of switching loyalty, a little reconciliation provided by the fact that im still playing a PES remake…and now Its in the Game! 😀


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