Cough Syrup \m/

Cough…cough…uuuuhhhh….cough again….Now, u get the theme…right? What better way to express your cough than to cough it away!

The reason for no posts in the previous days is that…well not great reasons. I have been kind of busy, both personally and professionally (I like to use the word “professionally”. Sounds real cool :D). I’ve got a project offer from an author to design a promo for her book launch. She being an ex-BITSian makes it even more exciting. So, I guess il be heading for a busy few weeks from now on and then come the GRE after-effects: selection of colleges, writing SOPs (I seriously don’t understand how people applying for 2 or more colleges write their Statement of Purpose – in one application they write that they were born to be ‘educated’ in that college and in another they write that their lifelong dream has been to set foot in that institute!)

Apart from that it hasn’t been very interesting, though a football match in my QT where a whole lot of emotions were on display. One player showed that he had b****, read as (brave) attitude :D. Rest is as it is: power-cuts, boring classes, tasteless food…same old, same old. I know there is no sane reason to read this post, but as the author, this gives me a kind of leeway. So long till my next one… and I’m back to my Cough…cough…cough. Kidding, read the post’s title. Cough syrup is \m/ indeed!


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