Lord Sauron and his malice

“for in secret, another ring was forged…into which Lord Sauron poured all his malice…” Wow, amazing, tantalizing, goose bumps! When these were the expressions of my pals, I was already immersed in deep thought: how could one pour all his malice into something else…like a ring? His malice…like his own…his precious? Aarrggh…I’m digressing from the point here. (Just the thought of LOTR takes its toll on me :D) The point here is that there is something common to Lord Sauron, the one who was infamously referred to as the enemy of the free peoples of middle earth!- and that’s one huge title to earn, or any other bad ass villain in every other high fantasy or real life. Though their intentions of conquering the world seem to be un-rightful at first, their extraordinary ‘power of will’ takes them to un-paralleled heights (or unfathomed depths). They rock \m/

So, what’s so great about this ‘power of will’ we are talking about? The Webster’s defines it as a fixed and persistent intent or purpose, the key word here is persistent. Let’s take up this in two parts – the why and the what of ‘will’ (I hope Mrs.Rachel Mathews forgives me for this sentence construct)

So, the why? Why do you need will power? – The power of will is what helps you stand up for what you believe in. In times when you are left to fend for yourself, when no one else believes in you, when people ridicule your brain child, it is this power of will that reconciles the growing contempt for the self within you. This power of will dictates what will become of you. The ones with strong will survive and succeed and the rest will end in neglect. Harsh words eh? But true nonetheless.

The what- What will come out of nurturing this will power? You gotta be a real hard head if you still can’t get it! In simple terms will power implies coolness B-). Don’t believe me? A quick test – Who is the cooler one – Frodo or Sam?; Goku or Vegeta?; Kanou Seiske or Kyosuke? You get it now? Will power is like a super-cool side kick everyone ought to have! When Darwin said – The fittest shall survive, he expected us to understand what ‘fittest’ meant and we interpreted it in the exact opposite way which he intended. Not money, not power it is this ‘will’ that makes you fit. Like that young bloke in the movie 300, who is bent on survival, stabs that poor wolf through its throat! Yeah…take that wolf bitch! So, clearly the power of will lets you achieve whatever you want, if you truly want it.

Now, any intelligent or for that matter any one may question if Lord Sauron had such great ‘power of will’, why didn’t he get his ring back? why din’t he throw middle earth back into dismay? Well, I can already see some little hobbits smiling at you 😉

till my next one…


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