Whats this about?

Once I was talking to my uncle’s son – he is in class V. Quite intelligent boy, his dad says of him. I like talking to young kids, hence I started my conversation, I asked him – “What do they teach you at school?”. “Maths, Science, Social, English, Hindi”, he replied. Though the sequence of naming the subjects seemed interesting to me, I continued -“PT, dance or sketching classes”. “We have no ground, no dance teacher and what is sketching?” He was quite bewildered yet cute. We all laughed off…

When I was interviewing a few people from our club auditions, I asked a similar question – Can you Draw? They shrugged and said they couldn’t. “Everyone can draw, its as basic as addition or subtraction or grammar in English”, I said to myself. “Everyone can draw, they just need to learn the right techniques…” Yesterday, in my OOP class, it struck me, as my instructor was explaining some shadow cloning or simple cloning or whatever. I began to see things, shapes and objects…beautiful it was. This is an attempt to share that experience. To try and learn drawing using probably the most simple way there is – using the letters of the English alphabet! and I’m not kidding. So gear up, revise your letters from A – Z; Let’s Draw!


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