Lost n Found – A tale of complacence, perfidy and a Mc Spicy Paneer!

This is an incident that occurred on my previous visit to Delhi. Oct 5th, the day after my GRE test, a few friends and I decided to hang out for the day and later had to drop one of the guys at the airport.

12.15 pm: I started from my Bro’s place, Karol Bagh Metro Station. I was dressed in a black and lime green tee, blue jeans – the usual stuff. Destination – GIP mall.

1.00: Reached there, waited for a few minutes before they arrived, friends who were now In Delhi for their education. One was the AIIMS guy, one IITian and another chap from DU (dude). There began our window shopping.

1.45: AIIMS guy – “Dude, I’m hungry, let’s check out some hot chick… (A long pause, open mouth gaze at a girl in black and red…)kennnnnnnnn…”

Me – staring…staring…still staring…

IITian – Yeah let’s check out KFC.

 I don’t know what’s wrong with that guy, but ever since he’s got into IIT-D he’s been like this. Prioritizing food is okay, but food before girls?? C’mon…has to be an IITian. Don’t know whats wrong there, the food, the girls or both!

Dude – ….uummm….ummm….huh…okay now let’s move as brain wale bhaiyya says, to KFC!

1.50 – 2.00 – 2.10 -2.20….2.30: No table in KFC, not even space to order a damn crusher!

IITian (At some fat guy chatting with three girls at a table, one bucket done, another just orderd :|) – Abey c#&^, teri &&**(_&&%#, hat beh k*(&&%…

Dude – Abey chal, check out Pizza hut.

AIIMS – Let’s go to Mc D. (Irony, the guy who cuts out people’s gut, lungs and liver is a Vegan! :D)

Me – Let’s go to some place beh, I’m hungry now!

2.45 at Mc Donalds – For some strange reason, we all decided to go veg that time… The AIIMS guy, who was the only with vegetarian experience ordered some veggie delicacies – Panner, Paneer, and more Paneer! Some random Mc Spicy Paneer, Mc Paneer wrap, Mc Paneer coke! 😀

The Veggiemania started, we could finish all but the Mc Spicy Paneer. The IITian held onto the half-eaten burger in its green box. (None of us said a word, probably the egoist in us was laughing – IIT and look at him…he he..but none of us could foresee its importance! )

3.30 – Random shopping, none of us was interested in being the complete man, or eating the perfect noodles, so Raymonds and Noodle stop were out of question. We went about looking at cool laptops and hot receptionists. Finally we decided to push out. Then it all started.

3.45 – We reached the metro and started off to NDLS to board the airport express metro.

4.35 – Reached Rajeev Chowk MS. IITian was a bit exhausted and gave me the burger box to hold onto. I had to hold onto it like Frodo held onto the ring of power, always guarding it but never to have it!

4.37 – The train arrived; it was overpopulated, more than usual.  We were at the far end of the train and had to jump past heaps of bodies to enter the last compartment. I had my thoughts stuck on that Mc Spicy Paneer box as I was pushed, squished, stamped on and pulled. Finally we managed to enter. We started joking about this huge crowd.

4.40 – NDLS metro station, we were amidst a 100 immovable rocks, it seemed! However, we managed to push through. While I battled my way through, my hand with the burger box was stuck, I felt some one tugging onto it. I was furious and pulled it. I got squeezed in the process, but I managed to get out, along with the prized possession!

4.41 – Out of the train, as a habit, I just reached onto my back pocket… Alas, ma valet was not to be found! It was not the box that someone was pulling at! My face sank, AIIMs realized something was wrong, Dude looked at the train and wanted to chase it, only to realise it wasn’t a Telugu movie and he was no Bala Krishna! The IITain snatched the box from my hands and looked content to find his half burger still in shape!

4.42 – Nothing much I could do, my valet – a fake woodland one, with my 3 yrs id cards (yes I have them all!), two of my notorious looking pass-port photos, my debit card, my voter ID and 600 bucks was no more.

4.43 – AIIMs called my bro and I told him to ask my Dad to block the Debit card. Silence followed, I had to pay 80 buck so that the guy would allow me to get out of the metro station!

4.55 –In the airport metro, IITian pulled my shirt, whispered in my ears, “I forgot the Mc Spicy Panner near that security check!” After all that I had gone through to keep it, all that I had sacrificed to protect it from harm, that ass brain had forgotten it! I gave him a go $#%^*()**elf expression and went back into my depression mode.

5.15 – It took me a lil while, but I snapped out of it. (After whispering to the winds that a fate worse than the one who stole my phone, rather picked the phone from my hand when I was sleeping in a bus, should be fall this guy!) Honestly, it felt a lil better.

5.20 – Phone rings…“Rey, what was there in ur valet?” My Bro…”Nothing important, just my debit card and 600 bucks”, I replied as if it dint matter. “The money is gone, but the rest are here, I got ur valet.” “What the f….ishtank!, how and where?” was my response! Some guy got it and called me. Il tell u when you return.”

Suddenly, the world did not seem such a bad place, the sky was still blue and Ashley Cole could still live!

5.50 – Dropped AIIMS at the airport, jokes, smiles, and finally the pain of separation after everything we went our separate ways. Though I was happy that the valet was found, I was troubled that my Bro had to waste his time in such an important phase of his preparation. I would have done the same for him, I calmed myself…

7.30 – Back home. “ So where and how?”…”Some guy called me to Vaishali (1 Hr from our place) and returned it” he said. “How did he get ur number?”…”He said mom’s number was written in a piece of paper and kept in ur valet”…

Aaahh! That paper, once I had a phone that refused to reveal any text or images after accidentally I broke its display…I had to write down the numbers, hence my Mom’s number

“So who was he and how did he find it? Did he tell anything about it?”. “He said that he was doing his masters in IIT, his mobile fell down in the rush and when he looked, hefound ur valet, with no money though!” my bro replied.

“So, there is still hope, the force is still strong with us humans, the jedi in me spoke!” “How did he look, I asked out of curiosity, assuming I might know him”…and my Bro said “He was tall, fair, in casuals and was holding a badly squeezed box of Mc Spicy Paneer I guess”



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