Long tyme no C

So, how long has it been now? Two months? Damn, thats a long wait! If you were wondering what happened to me for so many days…Well lotsa things have happened. In fact too many things to describe or even recollect! I know this doesnt help the curious side of you even one bit, but this is how things are.

The past two months have been the most eventful months of my life, more eventful than the time when i was lost and found in a Temple or when i had 8 stitches on my head after a superfall or that one time when i had to plan several treacherous tasks to steal my friend’s Hot Wheels car, only to find out it was just another push toy! So, i guess you can get the measure of the past two months! 😀 , No seriously…First there was this big animation project that came my way that i talked about in one of my previous posts, and then came my last OASIS – Though this one looked like a Pilani Maha Mela, this was the best one i had experienced. And then came a football match…

Then next time i woke up was 2 weeks later! Then came November, it brought along suspense, joy, pain and crap! Nov 15th was when i had my life changing interview with DreamWorks Animation- yeah the Shrek and KungFu Panda one! It was a great experience. The interview was for a technical position and i made the mistake of honestly admitting that I have not coded more than 10 lines in my entire life! I dont know if it was my honesty or the mutual hatred that the interviewer and I shared for a certain Club in BITS that took me home safely! One week later I was offered the internship position and X mas came a month early for me! 😀

Back in Pilani, gave my exams pretty well except for the part where I had to call in a favour from a prof after my exam :|. Now back home, all was supposed to be well when i finally realised…Damn! There might still be some guy so bugged of his time that he would check my blog and hence the post!

Things have been very rough for me over the past few weeks…I hurt people who are very precious to me. Still they stood by me and helped me to the very end. I cant thank them enough. No farewell speech here but as I recollect the days, I begin to see…I cant thank my parents enough, especially my Dad. Believe me, dads are the best! My bro and his extra ordinary cooking. My friend1 for standing by me and helping me out despite the troubles I had caused. No one can replace that, ever! I sincerely hope my dear friend1 suffers my fate so that i get a chance to repay the debt :D. My friend2 for all the concerns I caused and all the things he had to do for me and I never even thanked him for them. Thanx buddy, will miss u. My firend3 for the lovely and unforgettable writeUp she drafted. My club, clubbers, my bitches…errr batchies and all my friends, thanx a lot. i know i wont be seeing most of u guys again..but whatever just keep the fun alive 🙂

And yeah finally…The boys back! \m/


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