Cartoon Network, the best place for cartoons! Or is It?

Remember the days when Tbone and Razor were our only saviours and Turbo Cat was the coolest plane to fly the skies? The times when Scooby was ur private detective, Johnny Bravo ur fitness coach and the mask ur idol for notoriousness! Well I do remember Pikachu beating the hell out of Dragonite and Tyson taking BeyBattles to the whole next level! My friends and I runniing home early from school to watch the final 15mins of TOONAMI and staying up late to see Goku kick some serious Alien ass! Glorious times those were…Flash forward six years and look what we have now…Itne saare ben10 toys, kitne saare ben10 toys! 😐 Yes I know what you are thinking and that is true indeed- This stuff really sucks!

Lets go over the facts a bit (most based on my not so strong memory)…12 years ago the cartoons we saw on CartoonNetwork were pretty good. They were foreign made, pretty funny content wise and technically ok. Swat Cats, Centurions, Top Cats, ScoobyDoo, Flintsones, Jetsons etc marked the epitome of their time. The next few years marked a remarkable change in the toon world thanx to The Real Adventures of Jhonny Quest, the mask, Power Puff Girls ;), and later came the series that won it all – the much celebrated Toonami – Pokemon, Beyblade, DBZ, Transformers and woooh they did blow us away! They took it a step further by adding Naruto to their impressive arsenal. Things looked good, really good when god knows why all of a sudden Cartoon Network decided to have a makeover, a much unnecessary one!

The last time I watched, there were no similarities between my fav channel 7(that was the channel number on my TV and that’s how I remember it) and this new Indianised CN. 😦 All cartons are now in Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Pali and every other tribal language! No kidding, the crap they show now has gone increasingly agonizing for some of us veteran viewers! It’s a bit frustrating not only from the content point of view but also the technology being used making the shows seem very sub standard compared to the previous toons.

One might however argue that this shift in CN can be attributed to many contemporary changes – like how the cable became more penetrative into the rural areas, demanding a more understandable communication language, hence the local languages. To counter threat from other cartoon channels like Disney, Hungama etc., they had to make more cartoons matching the taste of Indian viewers. Im 20 and 364…ask me and il call ben10 crap…well to be strictly speaking im in no age to judge those kind of cartoons and I believe neither are you. If I express this opinion to my neighbouring 12 yr old Kiran, hed definitely melt me with his omnitrix watch! 😀 And by making in house cartoons, Cartoon network India has managed to provide us animators some on site experience! All these aside, the cartoons that are being aired in CN india are still tons better than the Power Rangers stuff elsewhere. Il give this to CN. But is that it, the glory of the place we once believed to be the best place for cartoons? Is there nothing that can be done?

Ive done some research and I have come up with a few ideas – 1) Language: Local langs are fine but it shouldn’t be mandatory. 2) Indiaised Cartoons: (Chota bheem, Roll no 23 or sumthing) Okay, these are pretty fine for some filling and historical reasons as well. 3) Get back the good old stuff. Im not sure how much kids of today like the present cartoons but I know each of us can bet that they will love the toons of our days…So get those toons back, give this generation of what CN actually is! And last 4) What the fishing hell does Tarzaan the wonder car or Krish has to do on CN?? This is something im really annoyed with and strictly want to be changed. Cartoon movies are fine, any type of toon movie…even Tenali Raman for that matter 😀 but why these over rated bolly stuff!

Cmon CN wake up, wake up before its too late…Before kids find Power rangers better than the Popeye Show, before some stupid Tinku kills off Tom n Jerry! I so dearly wish someone from CN reads this post! Signing things off n yeah keep it smooooookin u guys!


4 thoughts on “Cartoon Network, the best place for cartoons! Or is It?

  1. I feel the theme of your blog needs some modifications. Try and bring some theme so that it matches with all the posts you do. Something like a universal theme that matches the mood of the blog. It is kinda out of place.

    1. Good that you pointed out buddy, but the main theme behind my blog is not to have fixed theme! To put it another way – Unrestricted presentation is my theme 😀 . And if at all some orederness freaks check it out, ive taken enough care to categorize these posts as “SPORADIC” and i believe u can understand the rest. Il change the themes based on my mood… but thanks for the time and analysis chary 🙂

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