the traveler

The first thing you would notice if you are reading this post would undoubtedly be the background. A yoda stylized as the Linux icon! It has a deeper meaning than it might seem at first glance. I’l leave the explanation for a little later ūüėČ

Firstly I’m happy that the long sequence of posts are over. I know it is a tiring experience to read it but just imagine what one goes through to write that kind of stuff :D. Ok, now back to the post.

There are days when we feel quite chaotic inside. Like there are a hundred things within you, things that you want to do and need to do yet you¬†don’t¬†do any of them. You feel the world is as elusive as it ever was…even after you are in the middle of your dream but you feel to be surrounded by emptiness! Well, some of us just put these behind calling these ‘feelings’ as products of excess time and unnecessary thought but some…the more intrigued ones, the ones who are called¬†philosophical¬†or even idiotic at times when in reality they were just trying their ‘human’ aspect, refuse to ignore these calls from within. What is this? Confusion of how fast things are changing? Guilt that one may not achieve what one truly seeks? Is it guilt ? or fear? or is it a fear of guilt?

The traveler¬†embarks¬†on his journey into this new found love but has the same voices from within. What is his destination? What does he truly desire? What does he need to do to get rid of this inner vice? It seems like the road that he had always desired, the road that he always thought would lead him to his destination is now all too familiar…the same path trodden by people who have failed to look farther than what appears to meet the common eye…all the same stories that he wanted to run away from…only that he is running from one story to another but the stories of mediocrity and¬†failure never seem to go away. He looks for a new path -his path but they wouldn’t let him. They fill his mind with thoughts…they tell him that he is no better than the rest, they tell him that he has no path better than this, they mock his desires till he feels ashamed to express them…they show him that the tunnel is closed and no bypass exist! He refuses to pay head to them as he knows his worth. Even with all his confidence, his knowledge and his intellect…eventually his morale seems shaken, shattered and broken to bits. He seems to give in. The tunnel is closed. He is ready to lead his life as everyone else, with the same¬†mendacity towards his once blissful goals…It is all dark…his dreams, his desires, his happiness…all covered in a dark corner of the tunnel…Wait, no…¬†don’t¬†give up…This might be a path that no one else traveled before yet this might be the key to your dreams, you have risked everything so far…Don’t you give up one me now…don’t YOU of all people give up on me now!!!¬†screams the heart as a final cry in the burning tunnel of darkness…A light emerges from the tunnel, not of a passing train, not of the skies beyond the tunnel but a glitter of hope. A hope that has found its way through the depths of darkness surrounding it. He raises, with this string of hope, he holds it close to his chest and looks around. Nothing has changed, the world seems as dark as before…but, now he has regained the faith he once had. The confidence slowly but surely seeps into him. His gaze widens. Evil recedes making way for a new path to emerge. The tunnel is open again. He knows that this path may not lead him to his final destination, he no longer knows if he has any final destination. Yet he is determined, greater than ever before¬†because¬†he now knows there is one, if not any other to guide him – his heart! He now knows that his destiny is not reaching a destination but to find new paths. His happiness lies in the journey itself! The traveler raises from his linux machine, pushes the crutch into the ground to affirm his stance, looks around and says to himself with the plight of the jedi he is – May the force be with me!


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