The Justice League – Bloopers

Superman – This is the last surviving Martian

Batman – >_<

Superman – He does not trust anyone

Jonn Jonz – He does well!

Wooow, now thats what I call attitude! I always dreamed of having cool gadgets like the Bat, or super human strength like Superman or atleast a legacy that I can boast about like Jonn or Diana. Incredible right?Alas…I dont have any of them…Il just get back to the post.

When I watch a multi starer film I often wonder how all the big names in the movies get along. Earlier, when i was watching Justice League : Crisis on two earths I realized that they get along this exact way! Analysis (regarding most JL episodes) –

Superman – The one prime super hero. He doesnt have to do much, seriously… Hes the all mighty hunk except for a small and deadly allergy towards Kryptonite! And yes…interestingly enough it comes in three different flavours!

GreenLantern – Hmm…this guy is another tuff dude. No complains about his workrate…but I dont know why the cartoon guys opted to make him a uuumm…an over tanned dude? which is a hell lot different from his original form. Unfortunately they only gave him the colour but not the accent. Imagine him sayn – Daymn Mayn…this sheet is so effyn oosume <in the accent!> πŸ˜€

Martian Manhunter (Jonn Jozz) – Another green geek! And this guy is the one who is portrayed to be the most powerful! A morpher, mind reader, a charmer and an alien! Wooow…and confusing enough is the fact that he never seems to be in the thick of action

Diana (Wonderwoman) – An extreme sense of dress and super human strength what a combo for a hot chick! No complaints. And not to forget her soft spot for the Bat!

Hawkgirl – Like the GL, has no seemingly interesting powers but for her hammer! And teams up with the black GL pretty well. πŸ˜€ She always is the first one to go to a fight and first one to get kicked off it

Batman – My personal favourite! This guy never had a peaceful life… from his tormented childhood right to the crap movies made on his name in the 90s. Despite the ill will of hollywood, the multi billionaire has managed to hold up his end in the cartoon and had also manged Diana! Lucky ass. Waiting for him to rise this summer πŸ˜€

Flash – My sympathy! Not a part of an individual show or a movie. Has speed but doesnt get to use it much. The story writers seem content to write all the good parts to others and leave only “We need some one who can run at the speed of light to open an Inter galactic portal to save the world” situation to him! Poor chap

Aquaman -Now you might be wondering what he is doing here. I guess he too feels pretty much the same πŸ˜€

till my next one!


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