LEGEND OF THE ANCIENTS – War of the three Fronts

Prologue –

Before there were machines, there were men. Before there were men there were Gods and before the time of Gods the entirety of worlds was ruled by the ancients: Dwellers of the great realms. Many tales surrounded these powerful beings about their pride, their honour and most of all – their gifts to mankind. But all this was undone, undone on one fateful night when a planet called earth was discovered.

“The third one from the blazing Sun, they say, has all the charms to enchant the three realms. I would do anything to have a look at the blue beauty myself!” A deep voice filled with excitement echoed through the dimly lit grand hall. “You are in charge of the planet Yannes, Itrao. It would be good if you didn’t linger your sights around. Besides, we already have a promising candidate lined up for this prized planet.” As the hiss in his voice died, the old king Khofran rose from his gold throne and ordered the council be dismissed for the day.

“Why do I feel this grave cry in my soul? It has been long since I’ve felt such a chill. Yet this time it feels different. Whatever fate may befall the entirety, I believe you have a very important part in it my girl.” The cool breeze swept past the elder’s face. Her lips turned icy by the breeze. She looked at the withered branches of the huge Bani tree that she sat by. “But first, you need to be renewed dear one, you are no younger than I.” she said to the tree and closed her eyes.

“So it has been discovered, the source. No more hiding and no more lies. I guess our only option is to send in our best to look over the proceedings.” “Do they know of it, my lord?” “No, not yet…The winds are still quiet. That’s a good sign. But I don’t think this will last for long. Once they find it, they will come at us with everything they have! Send word for Rudra. Ashva, and this time there must be no mistakes.”


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