Six reasons why Bangalore is better than Bay Area

U read it right. Now keep reading!**

6) Too long to walk –Damn these streets are long- really long. If u gotta travel then you gotta have a car. It’s as simple. And when you are already limping around, this place is no haven! With this considered more of a crisis than a shortcoming…I’l have to get my driving boots on…soon!

5) Marts – WalMart, foodMart, wtfIsThisMart, and so on… The time of the men is over, the time of Orcs is here (tededaaan…ten…tede’dhaaan) Remember the famous scene from our all so famous LOTR. Those days when youd walk to the kirana shop by the street to buy a one rupee éclairs seem so distant. Its all go to the mart, shop or get robbed or walk away right now. Cmon u do know how hard it is to kill the child within you – yeah that same chocolate hungry jumpy playie one running around the streets and shopping his stuff, his way!

4) People … What people? Where people? – I have walked some bizarrely under populated streets at not-so human friendly timings but believe me, walking on the streets of San Carlos at 10am can be as creepy as walking in front of the tower of silence at 3 am! Walk here for a mile, yet all you can see is a Chinese guy, a few cars and a few more cars. This is what I call ordered chaos! The ordered ness is on the outside…causing chaos in your insides 😀

3) Its pani puri and pav bhaji Vs pizza and pasta – U know how biased that battle is. On one side we have the best original mouth watering native recipe against a dull one borrowed from another land and which is now the staple food here! (Pretty much the story of the country’s history :D)

2) No shower in the hotel – It is difficult enough for us Indians to use the o-so-flamboyant bathroom practices of the west and when u have a dysfunctional shower in addition to your list of bathroom ***k ups, it becomes so unforgivable! What kind of bathroom has a shower that does not work that too in every single room of the hotel! (No I dint check every room but let’s just say I know)

1) Ketchup is highly underrated – “Babu…samosa ke saath sauce kaho, sauce ke saath samosa nahin” (loosely translates to – U @#$%^&*, u have eaten up all the ketchup in the canteen, now get back to your @#$%^&* classrooms already!) That was the most common dialogue of our canteen owner at school. U get the idea right? I am a guy who can eat ketchup with ketchup if nothing else. And me having to search almost 7 bins for a sachet of ketchup – now that is called @#$%^*.

That, hence is the top reason why Bang is better baby!

**I know 2 nights and a day is not the right time to judge something especially a new place hence the opinion may be subject to some vigorous changes. But for now, im bored and this blog needs to be updated! So long!


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