World War III

Jack and Jill hiked up the hill,
and sat waiting for the huge pail to fill

Jack said – wassap Jill?

Jack, there is one question that is making me ill.
What is the longest war in history till?

Jill, you silly Jill,
no doubt about that it is World War 3, so chill.

Oh, shut up Jack! stop the non sense u will.

No seriously, World War 3 it is.
The war that you, and I and everyone is fighting without seize.
This war I talk about is unlike any other in history,
the origin of which is still a mystery.
No one knows who started it
but I can swear it is eating us up bit by bit.

hhmm.. Jack,
is this true or just a quack?

The wars of old as we are told
were fought for women, land and of course gold.
But now the folks are clever,
all they want is power.
About 20 years ago a trick was framed,
the world wide web it was named.
This web – world wide
swept our lives like a tide.
And before we knew,
we were struck and made so dependent that the things we can do are now a petty few.
But that does not start to describe my war Jill,
not  even its quill.

With all this chit chat,
where at you heading at?

For a few years now we were happy to let the web do all the working for us, it sent our messages, it took our mails,
like a pirate ship with open sails.
But the war, was always there.
The giants fought for technological monopoly,
they fed us devices and we fed them money.
It was benign at first
but raving is their thirst.
Honey, they show us dreams of technological utopia and we feed them more money.
This war has grown from a corner in the cyber space
to our everyday life like a race.
Do you see one day pass
without the nonsense of android vs apple alas!
It is consuming us Jill,
and if we do not  act now, it will find its kill.

What is wrong in a competitive spirit,
they make life better and we love it!

Competitive spirit? I will tell you what is wrong,
pay close head this is not some song.
The fight between giants for technological monopoly is no longer in the virtual land of my mind,
but every day it is strengthening its bind.
This war has made us apathetic and fragile
so much so that all a good joke earns is a lol not a smile.
Some one cries and begs for care
and all we do is click on it to share.
We have fallen deaf to the environmental needs
but are happy enough to do our tweets.
This war is nearing its peak,
don’t believe me, follow the news for a week.
The war is now between giants, in a few years one will win, but the war will not end not until the wager has consumed us all and gained monopoly over all that is good and great,
we must act now before its too late!

You know Jack,
you sound like a crack.
What you call war is not even in its true meaning
and what you speak of iphone is so demeaning!

If some idiot can change the meaning of rape to put Julian Assange behind bars,
sure I can write a poem changing the meaning of wars!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – True Story


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