10 fakets you’l never know!

faket : (feyk-et)   An event that may be a fact or a fake based upon the reader’s discretion.

So here is your challenge. Below are 10 hot fakets, the curious among you may verify the validity and quench their thirst and others, well they don’t care any way so just read along. (order is inconsequential)

1. Dr. Mayim Bialik, who plays the geek neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory in fact has a doctorate in neuroscience from UCLA, (she ditched Harvard and Yale) – Now that’s a geek!

2. Going by the popular naming convention of calling occupants of a continent by the title related to the land and vice versa…(eg : America – Americans, Europe – Europeans), in exactly two decades there will be only two continents in the world – Asia and Africa (thanks to the software boom and the willful surrender of America to South Asia) and one decade from then there will only be one!

3. The world’s best footballer – Lionel Messi has a twin brother Lionel Conchessi who is as good as him and secretly plays half his games. But poor guy has a problem taking penalties… No wonder Pep could not blame Messi the other day 😀

4. Savitha Bhabi has a wiki on her name but Sheela Dixit does not

5. Tomato, Potato and the eggplant belong to the same sub family of plants that is a sister family to tobacco and capsicum. Every other member of the parent family either kills you in one hour or one day

6. Genghis Khan is considered as the greatest ruler of the Mongols or even the greatest ruler in world history. He was never defeated in battle in all his conquests. One fine day he fell of his angry horses’s back and died – moral : never displease your pets!

7. Nostradamus, the prophesier, named three anarchists, the deeds of the devil ; men who change the course of humanity for the worse –
(1) Pau Nay Loron  ~ Napoleon Roy meaning Napoleon King or Napoleon Bonaparte
(2) Hiƒter ~ Hitler
(3) Mabus ~ ??? a fun fact –  did you know Obama’s full name is BarackHusseinObama?

8.  Mythical God – men ; people who share common characteristics as Jesus ( Born on Dec 25, to a virgin lady, considered saviors and were slain for the salvation of mankind)
Attis of Phrygia,
Dionysus/Bacchus of Greece,
Horus/Osiris of Egypt,
and the final one is none other than Krishna of India… So will the real son of God please stand up!

9. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not married! :O


PS – In an attempt to stay true to my title, I have decided that even if you are able to verify the first 9 fakets, you will never have a chance to know the 10th and hence the title 😀


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