Stuck like *uck – (i)

Aah…Its been so long since a post that it feels I forgot my writing skills back in Vegas, along with a few other things. That reminds me…I was in Vegas with a half dozen of my friends (Jaskirat, Utkarsh, Sood, Joshan, Saurabh, and Gokul) I went on a  past weekend and in fact this post is about an incident during the trip. Another Vegas wonder trip? Not quite… the trip swept the spectrum from being good to terrible. A little background on this incident – On the third day of our Vegas trip, we decided to drive to the West Rim of Grand Canyon. The thought was epic, the planning was epic, the events leading to the day was epic…but the day itself…uhmm…uuhmm… Lets get into the thing –

Incident 1 – The grand huckup with a capital F :

“Party rockers in the house tonight….Everyday im shuffulin” Joshan screaming along with the radio from the front. Time – around 12.00 pm, getting out of Vegas and on Hoover Dam road. We were driving in a black Yukon, speeding past scores of other cars. Roof shattering music and mind shattering stories. Gokul’s iPhone was doing the routing for us and it was doing fine until now. The highway went whistling by and enter Desert. Utkarsh a.k.a Usinha was pumped up on the thought of having a house in the desert and getting high on cactus juice. We stopped for a drink on the way and Joshan took the wheel and Sood navigating – the Cypress combo. Took a left and a right and then a wrong turn. We felt we were on the right track and so did that damned iPhone! Joshan never seemed to slow down and Laddha was narrating his nightmares of his bitchy land lady when all of a sudden, we jumped from the highway road onto a dirt track. Man that was amazing. Ever played Dirt 2? That was the same feeling for me. But that amazement lasted only for the first two and a half minutes. Five minutes into the drive, we were rooting for Joshan to overtake the lousy camero in front. Ten minutes into the drive… the first time we realized that we had the previlage of taking a wrong turn somewhere. Still, we proceeded along a path that undoubtedly smaller than 3/4th the Yukon’s size. We still gave it a try for the thrill of off road adventure. And a minute later, we were stuck at the foot of one of the most irritating bump on the road. The road was not even fit for cattle to travel on and we wanted to ramp in a Yukon through it! So the engineers all got out of the SUV and went to take a look at the situation.

The soil at the foot of the bump was loose and a tree was right on top to make the ride a hell. We went around the car looking for a way to get it up. A few voices wanted to go back to the last working configuration but some refused. Laddha was now very frustrated. Sood, Laddha and I decided that we would have to go on and started convincing our sher-e-punjab Jaskirat to take the wheel. After a little pushing on, we managed to get Joshan of the steering wheel and put Jaskirat behind it. Now came the master plan – we decided that we would fill the dents formed off loose soil with small rocks and make a flat surface for the car to race up. Things were set. Laddha stood in-front of the car pointing out directions like he were directing an aircraft, i took to my usual work on the camera to record this red-and-white bravery event. Sood was being helped by the others to pick stones and pave the road. As i looked around, i could only see dried up trees and red sand in all directions. Got a bit scared and changed my sights back onto the scene. The first try brought the car onto the muddy bump. We thought we made it, and in an instant the damned sound of the rear tyre scooping up the sand. The car slipped a few paces and our hearts skipped a few beats! Damn now it was stuck! A reverse would send the car tumbling on itself and Jaskirat being crushed in it. The only way now was up. But the tyre was stuck very badly to do anything. The six great minds started thinking again. Should we call off Jassi out and walk our way out to get help? Or do we take one last risk like that time during our BITSAT. We circled the car and tested the soil more like geologists that engineers. Another daring decision – we decided to give one last try.. we piled up more rocks underneath the tyres to give them a raise and push. Laddha stood infront. “Left, a lil left” he shouted.  I moved back a bit. Sood got back and all were waiting. Jaskirat stepped on the accelarator. “Dheere…” a voice screamed. Jassi stopped and turned the steering a little bit and bam… one press of the accelerator and the SUV was up. We 1 – Grand Fucking Canyon 0 ! A little while later, we got back on the dirt track but could see the road now. As we got closer to the road, the high spirits were once again dampened. We were in a private owned area with a barbed fence surrounding it! The only way out was to go back and find another way… NO way! We had come too far and faced too much pain to go back. “Abey, there’s an exit door. This must have been for the cattle!” Sood shouted. The spirits were back up again. Joshan and Sood opened the gate and we finally…finally got back on road! End of Incident 1…


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