Stuck like *uck – (ii)

As you might have read in the previous one we had just got out of a trench…rather an off road bump that we encountered and managed to get through after a lot of irk and a bit of clever engineering. And just as we thought that we were ready to take on the Canyon, we encountered the second big hurdle of the day.

Incident 2 – The grander huckup with a capital F: The Canyon hits back!

On the road, the sweet smell of concrete under the tyres. Not that we could smell any but it just felt nice after the off road trail. We stopped by a ranch, bought ourselves some drinks and headed back to our car. This time Jassi continued on the wheel. A few minutes in, we encountered another dirt trail – but this time we were pretty sure we were on the right track. A trail full of gravel and the SUV drifting more and more like NFS this time. We raced behind another car and it looked like some Hollywood chase – only  difference being the chasers being shit scared  :D. We all were worried that even a small mistake could cost us big. And to add to the tension, the signal on the car’s radio and our mobiles died out. So effectively we were out of reach from the known world, driving on a road hoping to see the Canyon and more than that, hoping to keep ourselves in one piece. Tense yet exciting moments passed and we made it out through the gravel – twisty road hidden among the mountains. And to liven things, the radio was back on. We were all so happy. “Arey Sood, ek baar glass khol ke piche dekhna” (Sood, open the glass and look at the rear) – Jaskirat pointed to Sood who was seated in front beside the driver. There was some weird sounds from the rear and the vehicle was wobbling. “The rear tyre is flat!” Sood shouted from outside the window. Aaaggrhh… we 1 – canyon 1.
The whole bump-soil-stone incident and the NFS gravel drift took its toll on the rear wheel. It went flat. We stopped by an out of use road and got down. A truck was parked beside us. All of us got down and started looking at the tyre. That awkward moment when you know everything about a motor shaft and a four wheel drive tyre except how to change a tyre – thank god we did not face that. We dug out a few things and found the user manual in a cabin beside the rear seats of the SUV. We pulled it out and started reading. This time the Stanford dude and a cypress guy were very enthued to get the wheel changed and lead us back on track. We pulled out the jack from another secret spot in the SUV. These cars have the parts hidden in them as if they were some old invaluable treasures. After Joshan’s treasure hunt, he managed to grab the all the required instruments. And Laddha with the help of the generous truck driver pulled the stephanie down and set it up. Sood bared out on his shirt and in the scorching heat, he pushed himself under the car to find an apt location for the jack. Finally Usinha and Sood set the jack up. We finally got the flat tyre out and fixed the spare one in. We decided to throw the flat tyre at the back mostly due to tiredness and lack of energy to put it back in its place. We looked up and showed a finger to the skies. We 2 – the Grand Canyon 1. We were back again and nothing could stop us now…or so we thought…kidding…we were fine now. We got back in our Yukon  – that pitch black one just 4 hrs ago, now covered in dust. We set out to the west rim and things went on smoothly from then. Visited the Grand Canyon – One of the best places i have been to so far. Breath taking, magnificent and simple superb. And after everything that day a bigger hurdle followed the next day but it all ended fine. And as we know all is well that ends well 😉


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