Love em, Hate em but never Trust them!

August 15, 2011 – Cesc Fabregas, one of the finest midfielders in the world left the team that gave him all to get back to his childhood club. And Days later, $amir Na$ri eloped to the money flaunting slugs of the Premiere League. At a time like that, a man rose from his ranks, challenged his existing physical record and swore loyalty and love to the club that stood by him through out his rough injury filled career. “The club is my childhood love” He said. “I want to win trophies with Arsenal and Arsenal alone” he said. Twelve months and one cunt of an agent happened when suddenly “The child inside him shouted Man Utd”.

Surprisingly, most of us were not as surprised by the news of Captain Van Persie leaving, though I have to admit his destination did cause a little amazement and more pity as it was evident that he wanted to escape from the club but landed just a few kilometers(and a few hundred pounds a week) from his intended destination! But frankly speaking the real reason behind the subdued reaction from the fans is that it was expected. Sadly this transfer saga has been   a very familiar addition to the story of the later half of Arsene’s reign at North London. He brings in starts that the world is unaware of and nurtures them like his own children and then gets kicked in the stomach again and again once they grow big feet. One could question how the word loyalty would fit in the context of such a footballing generation that is based on money than genuine love for a club or the game itself. The age of the greats nay – legends like Lord Bergkamp, Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Totti, Ryann Giggs who loved and lived for their club is over. Now its all score a goal, put a transfer request, earn your cash and disappear into oblivion. Wait… can you hear it? It is the wind… and no points for guessing what it is saying…Yes Andy Carroll it is!

Arsene Wenger is undoubtedly the only man standing in the way of the Manchester sides turning the EPL into a two horse race like a certain league far below in an annoying country called Spain. But what can sides do when their star players run off to greener pastures (read as greener bills of currency), what can anyone do when a gazzilion pound chimpanzee stomps on face, pulls your best toys from your hands, chews the brains out and gives you a stupid smile and of course a butt load of cash. Teams in EPL have no choice but to surrender to the Manchesters and the Chelseas. So will this be the end of football – the game we loved more than anything? Players chasing money with no honour, is this what the people were refering to as the end of the world? It is at vulnerable times like this that the players should take the onus and stand up for the fans and the club. We need someone who we can trust, someone who has time and again proved that he will not leave, he will not plant fake kisses on the jersey crest while his agent picks his boots to fly away elsewhere. We need a robotic goal scoring machine sent back from the future which defends and scores with the same fury, loves and respects the club like no other and over all sports an attitude of our heroes of the past. Yes indeed, we need the Verminator! A Vermaelen, a Gigi buffon, a Philipp Lahm – people who, no matter what will stand by the club and the fans and fight till the very end!

The word loyalty no doubt has been demeaned by the money eating egotistic selfish unreliable suckups who call themselves superstars of the sporting world, but there is still hope. All we need to do is throw away the old wood and bring in the live bunch, a bunch that wants to burn…burn for the club who trusted them, burn for the fans who love them and burn for the honour of the beautiful game! And until there are such characters – players like Jackie boy Wilsihre and managers like Arsene Wenger, football will prevail! 


2 thoughts on “Love em, Hate em but never Trust them!

  1. I would have really appreciated some examples from of loyal players from ManU and/or Barca. By the way, how many of these $$ players were from the Arsenal academy? I’m sure most of them are not. If not, why did they end up at Arsenal? I would think .. its because of the money and the stature itself. And if given a chance, it would be inconsistent on their part to not take up the offer.
    And I don’t think RVP will ever be a good player at United.

  2. @BK- I have to say I like the way you write. But, there is something I’d like to say, I’m sure every owner runs the club for Money, Glory, and not just loyalty & love for football. If every player who moves to a richer club, where he gets a fat paycheck is a traitor, metaphorically, every one who leaves his own country for a better life is a traitor ( We love India, Don’t we? ). Coming back to football, we are talking about certain players because they are good at what they do and it is hard for us accept that they left us, but what if this is someone else, someone not so famous, will the club and fans be loyal to someone, who’s not up to the ‘standards of the club’ and let him play at the club forever just because he is loyal?
    I’m sure this is how I’d feel if I were you, but i just wanted to say there is a lot more to a transfer than just money!

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