Who is to blame?

a nation's plight

I find it really difficult to get a grip on my thoughts as I sit down to write. This is not a genuine post but a rush of feelings itching to get out of my mind.

She was not my sister, but she could have been. She was not my friend or acquaintance, but she could have been. She was just another ordinary girl like everyone else you and I know and love. I pray to the gods, if they exist, for solace to the poor soul who fell victim to a crime of the most heinous kind. I pray that her soul may traverse into a safer and peaceful place.

Enough has been said and done on this issue but when I think of it, I cannot answer the questions – who is responsible? Who will answer to her parents? Who is to blame?

I blame the government
Not just for failing on multiple occasions to ensure safety for women time and again but also for using every such opportunity to play the blame game and misdirect the public. As everyone now demands, the government should take very strict measures to ensure safety of its citizens especially women of the society. I find it highly appalling when the concerned people appear in public and claim that they will enforce stricter laws to ensure safety hence forth! Hello Sir, an average of over 500 reported rape cases in the country’s capital city alone, year after year. Wasn’t that enough of an alarm to enforce stricter laws to protect the feeble? How can we expect an overnight change hence forth?! With politicians openly and shamelessly watching porn videos in the parliament, who do we trust in to solve the sex abuses?
One of my friends pointed out that the real evils are being shadowed by the end results of a crime; the real evils like alcoholism, corrupt policemen, apathy of the politicians and the law enforcing agents towards the woeful plight of women. Unless these issues are cleared one can only pray for a miracle to change the status quo. Regardless of the party in power, every government has failed in its basic mission of providing safety to its tax payers. There is little hope  and any expectation to see a change from the government at present seems worthless.

I blame the media
The media has no doubt done a great job by bringing us exclusive news of what happened minute after minute on the streets of the capital after the disgraceful incident. They have left no stones unturned in covering this issue with no relevance what so ever to how distressing and painful it could be to the immediate relatives and those who personally knew the victim!
The very next day this gang rape incident was reported in Delhi, a rape case in Kadugodi, Bangalore came into light. A minor girl was teased and abused sexually by the owner of a Kirana Shop, right in his shop with the shutters closed and his relative standing guard. No channel covered the news. That incident was pushed off the papers soon. Debates, panel discussions and editorials day in and day out! The media is intent on revealing truth to the public – but only the kind of truth that gets them better TRP. This is not the first instance of media fishing for attractive and glamorous news that can pull in more viewers. Such is the shameful situation of National media. I will be least surprised if one of these news channels makes an exclusive “How to Rape” documentary sometime soon!
The film industry – Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood; You just have to name it to see it. Women, who play such an influential part in a man’s life are portrayed as mere sex symbols in the main stream modern cinema. Item songs, item girls, inappropriate clothing and lust – this seems to be the only trick in the market to make public watch the movies nowadays. I wish there were at least a handful of film makers who can make movies that appeal to the sensitivities of our people and our supposedly rich culture built around respecting women. When people are being fed the same sort of sexual crap every time they switch on an entertainment channel it is really hard to expect any sense of respect for women from them. Main stream cinema, which is undoubtedly one of the most important factor of mass cultural influence, is misleading the people of this nation into a phase of social evolution that is inexistent in this nation at this point of time and this has to stop right away. Strip clubs, late night strip and semi naked parties, making out in public places are a part of something this generation of the society is not ready to contemplate and embrace yet. Films should be appropriately censored and if necessary banned before feeding the public their malicious content.

I blame the public
Yes. I blame the mass public. This is the section that angers me the most! I can understand the pain everyone feels with what has happened, but something I cannot understand is that how will shoving a hot iron rod up the offenders ass make things better for what has happened? I was deeply hurt and dumbstruck like many others, seeing the brutality of the crime and that is where the problem lies. The protest, the candle lights, the banners don’t seem to be directed at the crime but the brutality of it! If every rape was met with such rage and anger from the public, this sort a crime would never have happened. The public is requesting for stricter punishments for rape cases of the ‘rare’ kind. I would settle for nothing less than a slap across the face for people with such claims. A rape is a very atrocious crime no matter the ‘rareness’ of it. It violates the fundamental rights on multiple accounts and calls for harshest of punishments!
This is the same public that has settled on many occasions for far less than what they bargained for.This is the same public that ignores a needy begger’s plea on the roads without as much of a head’s turn. This is the same public whose soul, in its core is filled with apathy towards the surroundings. This is the same public that watches the lusty films, pornographic videos and passes inappropriate comments on any girl moving on the road with one or more guys. For any change to be possible, the public must change and must change qucikly from within. They must realise that empathy is not the substitute for action. Every responsible citizen must take the onus upon himself to fight for his rights and the rights of his fellow citizens. The 4-day fight and then forget attitude of the public has to change to make the government kneel before its demands – the right way a democracy is supposed to work!

I blame the society
“The victim could have been anyone” – is a common statement that followed the incident. But something that disturbs me more is that fact the offenders also could have been anyone. In today’s society, both the educated and the illiterate have revealed their beast like nature when it comes to women. “Don’t worship us, just respect us” was a banner held by a group of protesters and that speaks volumes for itself. Today’s society has thrown the cultural and moral ethics down the drain and has embraced an inhumane attitude. The very fact that Mathematics and Science are the only subjects concentrated on during schooling with priority for Moral Science being the bottom shows the importance laid by the society and the educational institutions on the moral upbringing of a child. Sex offenders disguised as Babas are worshipped; busses and trains have become a place for public harassment; the law resides with the rich and the law enforcers themselves have a clear lack of empathy for the oppressed; a girl child is still considered a burden to the family and female infanticide is still prevalent. The society as a whole should change at many levels.
Unlike theft or murder, in most cases rape is a committed without a prior agenda as an act of instantaneous madness. This can only be stopped by eradicating the devil from within the offender from a very early age. The need of the hour is not just fighting for protection but also eradicating the root causes of these crimes. The society has to take major steps to change its mentality and embrace a more open discussion about sex and sexuality.

I blame every mother who questioned her innocent daughter’s behaviour when she is clearly the offended party. I blame every father who has failed to report an abuse on his child for the fear of his social status. I blame every brother who has failed to live up to the promises of Rakshabandhan. I blame every girl for not slapping the brutes- who try to touch her, harass her and enjoy her disgust- in public and withstanding the torture in silence. I blame every man who has been unfaithful in his deeds or thoughts to his loved ones. I blame the society that has failed to instill minimum respect towards the sex that is most influential throughout a male’s life in the form of a mother, a sister, a lover and a wife. Finally, I blame the poor girl who fell victim to the brutal assault of the lust blinded beasts for having trusted the laws of this crooked and fallen state.

Today as the world welcomes a new year, we as proud citizens of this great nation hold our heads down in shame. A life that just entered into her best years passed away in a most painful way. It hurts me very much even to think of what she had to endure. I hope the nation learns something from her sacrifice. I know that her death cannot be justified – not even by hanging each offender thrice! But I sincerely hope the fire her death sparked can bring about something good; something worthy of the pain she had to bear.

May her soul rest in peace.


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