My name is Kalyan. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Film Production at the University of Southern California.

I am a storyteller. Stories elicit emotions, invoke empathy, and through emotions and empathy, stories inspire action. I want to share with the world tales of mythology that accentuate my culture, thrillers that intrigue, adventures that captivate, and issues that awaken society. My ambition is to tell stories that span the spectrum of human emotions across types and genres.

I am an avid blogger and writer; my most recent work is a fiction thriller novel set in India. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, and a background in animation, I worked with DreamWorks Animations for two and a half years as a Technical Director, where I practiced the craft of animation storytelling. I designed and developed narrative-driven video games for web and mobile platforms as personal projects. Having worked with different facets of storytelling in the form of short-stories, novels, films, animation and video games, I wish not to be restricted to a medium, and want to continue exploring new devices to express my ideas.

I enjoy playing and designing video games, watching soccer, cooking and of course watching movies.

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